Change thoughts and ideas, make concerted effort to development

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On 27th May,2016,the general manager of Aosheng held the work summary meeting for first half 2016,the sales department, production department, integrated office, procurement department, technology development department and other departments responsible person participated in the meeting.

After a series of restructuring in first half 2016,there has been a good development momentum of our company, which is steady and healthy. The new restructuring sales team are full of vitality and desire to advance, continue to improve the capability of business and communicating. While consolidating the old customers, also added new customers from the US, South Africa and other countries in April and May,2016.In the first half year, we add 3 new automatic film cutting device, which reduce the labour cost by more than half. What’s more, the new automatic hot sealing machine production line achieve 400% efficiency improvement. The reduction of cost could surrender profits to old customers, service for old customers and attract new customers, effectively guarantee the development of company and customers to foward healthily.

Facing the market situation which is full of fierce competition, in order to have a better development, when affirm the achievements, president Sheng also proposed a new strategy, which is ”Change thoughts and ideas, make concerted effort to development”. This requires departments should be prepared for danger in times of safety, change ideas completely, improve the qualityservice and efficiency, at the same time, president Sheng put forward the specific requirements to various departments.

Sales department: take full advantage of invested network platform, stabilize old customers and increase new customers, strengthen the study and training of professional business knowledge, improve service quality, put forward various solution forms, reduce cost for customers. Let customers full of confidence to us and regard us as reliable partner and supplier because of our management idea which is ”excellent product quality and distinctive service”.

Production department: strengthen internal management, research and develop of new technologies, new equipments, new formula. Use automatic equipments to decrease labour cost and increase efficiency, save energy and improve quality. Provide benefits and decrease cost bit by bit meanwhile ensure product quality.

Purchasing department: strengthen comparing price, quality and service among various suppliers, take full purchasing advantages of big company, reduce materials procurement cost, surrender more profits for customers.

Integrated office: complete and implement the company system, ensure healthy development of company. Especially control the product quality strictly. Never allow sub-quality products to leave factory. Clarify the responsibility, detailed assessment, increase of assessment degree, dealt with staff who violates the rules and regulations of company, ensure the product quality. Make every order is executed without fail. Complete the tasks assigned by company with high quality and efficiency, improve the overall competitiveness of the products in the market.

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