Alarm bells of security need to be ringing

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Alarm bells of security need to be ringing

                     -----Aosheng safety production month activity of 2016

In order to push forward the "safety production month" activity,promote safe development of enterprise and ensure the smooth realization of annual safety target, Aosheng strengthened safety inspection and education according to the the company's features,held “Safety production activity”which focus on “Fire prevention” in June,2016.

Aosheng held a safety training towards new employees on 5th,June which focuses on deep understanding of company’s production operation mode,relevant organizations and lawes, regulations,as well as protection and emergency nursing knowledge.The training makes the new staff have a profound understanding of security issues at the beginning of their job.

On 12th,June,Aosheng organized all employees to participate in fire drills which includes emergency evacuation and instructions of using a fire extinguisher.Under the requirements of the headquarter,the employees took part in completed the drill exactly with skilled action and rapid response.The drill improves their safety awareness and the capacity when facing emergency situation.


On 16th,June,Aosheng took part in the safety production month exhibition activity named “Strengthen the concept of safety,enhance the safety quality of citizen”.Through the mutual communicating and learning,promoted the production management safety work.


 The safety month increased employees’ awarenesses about the importances of safety in production,improve their ability of self-management,self-control and self-monitoring,strengthen their understanding of standard operation procedures,formed an atmosphere that everyone knows well and pay attention to the safety,which creating a good environment for enterprise’s safety production.

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