Writer:刘振华Source:原创 Date:2016-11-8 10:14


“Creating century enterprises, Earning 1.5 billion output value among 5 years from 2017, Realizing 80% workshop automation, and Helping employee to get well-off level life”, which is Aosheng first 5 year’s target plan. The enterprises development is based on management of modern enterprise system and management of people. Aosheng also intends to increase members thought,technology and service quality into a new level under this 5 years plan. As our staffs income getting target amount,company would reward a car to the one who has excellent character, rich experience and skilled specialty ,and has worked over 5 years at company. It would have 5 years right to use the car and get it after 3 years. By this method, enterprise would enhance its cohesion, reduce employee turnover rate, form the situation of longtime persistent development, stabilize staff team, and lay a good foundation for creating century enterprise and realizing 5 years target plan.



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