• Name: Pre-taped masking film
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  • Time: 2015-06-10
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 Detailed information


1. Has self-adhesive function, nondestructive surface, no contamination.
2. Small volume, convenient to use and carry
3. The protective film can be corrosion resistant ,have good temperature resistance.
4. Protective film has the function of absorbing paint and prevent seepage."

 Product Parameter

2.Type:Crepe paper taped masking film, duct tape masking film,washi tape masking film.
3.Specification:Crepe paper tape&washi tape:Width 300mm-2700mm,Length 10m-33m Duct tape:Width 300mm-2700mm,Length 25m


 Packing pictures





1.Spray paint masking Mainly to prevent car, bus, truck, ship, train, container, aircraft, machinery and furniture in spray paint to prevent paint leakage, thoroughly with paper and the crepe paper improve the traditional method. 2. Car decoration There is a lot of water will flow into the car's instrument desk, door and car when in mucous membrane. We should spend a lot of labor and time to clean up.However using the masking film stick below the glass could have the effect of waterproof, keep the car clean, do not need to take the artificial to clean sanitation. 3.Building decoration Prevent construction coating and paint brush on the furniture, also make construction personnel can be bold, fast, besmear brushs metope, do not have to worry about coating will flow to the floor. 4.Furniture dustproof When you are out of room for a long time. Put it on the furniture to be dustproof.


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