• Name: Dust resist drop cloth
  • No.: jianzhu2
  • Time: 2015-06-10
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 Detailed information

  1. The dust prevention, moisture-proof, waterproof, prevent paint dust pollution.
  2. It is used for indoor and outdoor activities, which is popular in Europe and the United States."

 Product Parameter

   1. Material:PE
   2. Width:2m-10m 3.Thickness:above 5mic


 Packing pictures




  1.When you brush the wall, spread it on the furniture or the ground to avoid paint pollution.
  2.When you are out of room for a long time. Put it on the furniture to be dustproof.
  3.When you go to picnic, bring it to be damp proof temporarily, rest and have dinner on it.
  4.When you repair the car, put it on the ground to be damp proof and it can be overspread on the car or motorcycle from the rain. 5.When raining,it could be used for covering outside"



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