• Name: Kraft paper roll
  • No.: jianzhu4
  • Time: 2015-06-10
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 Detailed information


  1. One side surface finishing, waterproof, prevent infiltration;
  2. Imported Sweden kraft paper have quality.
  3. This product can be used for car painting protection, food packaging film, etc

 Product Parameter

   1.Material:Kraft paper
   2.Pre-taped paper roll;paper roll
   3.Specification:40gsm,folding width:1200mm


 Packing pictures





   1. Seal Windows, door frame and wall
   2. Used for surface coating, painting, paint covered
   3. Auto paint protection
   4. Prevent metal, plastic or glass from surface scratches
   5. Protect the mirror or glass edge 6. Kraft paper bags can also be used for food"



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