• Name: Safety box
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  • Time: 2015-06-02
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 Detailed information


   1. Imported kraft paper material, have good waterproof and puncture resistance

   2.The safety box couold be carried in one hand

   3. Compared with the plastic safety box, more environmentally friendly.

   4. When the safety box is full of needles , it can be destroyed easily ignited.

   5. The product is valid for four to five years.


 Product Parameter


  folding:565x260x3.3mm Size after folding:305x150x110MM(+/-2MM) Volume:5L Thickness:0.5-1.4mm Weight:260g Diameter of Needle:35-40mm Colour:White, yellow, brown Feature:waterproof and puncture resistance Package:50pcs/ctn

 Packing pictures





   1.The safety box is used for collecting and storing the contaminated injectors and needles
   2.When using the safety box assembled in accordance with the order of the carton labeling, the discarded needle throw down inside the box.
   3.The safety box should be burned in an open place when been full filled.It would take 15-20 minutes."


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