• Name: Disposable car cover
  • No.: cheyong7
  • Time: 2015-06-09
  • Views : 673

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 Detailed information


1. Have a good automatic absorption body functions.
2. Automatic adsorb paint and dust, can avoid the pollution and harm to body.
3. Can be printed logo

 Product Parameter


1.Material PE
2.Regular size: 3.5m*6m;3.8m*6.6m;4.8m*7.5m


 Packing pictures





1. Can effectively protect that the harmful dust fall into the carriage, and machine parts. resist the car interior trim aging and machine wear .
2. Can effectively avoid the erosion of acidity of rain water on the surface of the car under the condition of urban pollution .
3. Can effectively resist the strong ultraviolet radiation damage to the car paint, interior and tires.



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